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Welcome to Clutch Play!

Every athlete dreams of creating and completing the big moment. The basketball player hit the big shot. Runners dream of 'kicking in' at the 200M mark and outrunning their opponent to the finish line. These glorious moments happen for two reasons; physical fitness and the mental ability to stay focused on winning.

Welcome to Clutch Play! Performance Psychology. My name is Casey Horton. I created Clutch Play! to help athletes and performers stay mentally strong and succeed at their sport. I possess a BA in Sociology and Psychology, and a MA in Sport and Performance Psychology. I chose to help athletes become mentally focused because with performance comes performance pressure. Because of this pressure to perform, athletes and performers get nervous and start thinking about the future. There is an expression within controlling nervousness that says it is a matter of controlling the butterflies or getting the butterflies to fly in formation. The ability to get the butterflies to fly in formation is very possible. Teaching you how to get those butterflies to fly in formation is one of the many tasks I will teach you to do.

The benefits of the butterflies flying or being in formation are limitless. Arguably one of the most important benefits is focus. Every athlete and every performer has been told by their coach to focus. Generally speaking, when a coach says to focus they are speaking about focusing on being ready to play. This is because when the performer is focused, they are seeing everything necessary to help them have a great performance. When the performer's attention is focused on the opponent's trash-talking, the calls they do not like by the referee's or worry about the future, the distraction causes less muscle reaction, less vision, and more negative emotional reaction. At Clutch Play! I will teach you how to not let the outside distractions take away from your performance. #performancepressure #athletes #performers #mentaltoughness #mentalfocus #nervousness #begreat #gametime #stayfocused #mindfulness #mentalskills

Thank you for your time. You can contact me directly at

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