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Welcome to Clutch Play! Performance Psychology, where your mental game is as strong as your physical game. At Clutch Play! you will learn how to build mental toughness through mindfulness so that you can rise above the rest and be the best. Clutch Play! is about performance enhancement through mindfulness and staying focused on your goal to be successful.

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Casey Horton, Founder of Clutch Play!

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I am Casey Horton, the founder of Clutch Play! Performance Psychology. I am a performance psychology consultant. I possess a BA in Sociology and Psychology and a MA in Sport and Performance Psychology, and currently writing my Dissertation within Relaxation Breathing. I am a runner by trade. I spent 12 years as a soccer referee. My goal and desire in life are to help you stay mentally focused and to help you excel at the top of your game without hesitation. At Clutch Play! Performance Psychology,  I provide guidance and knowledge to help you be mentally prepared for performance. By providing you with the right tools and knowledge about mental performance, Clutch Play! Performance Psychology will help you unleash your potential, paving the way towards success. I look forward to working with you soon.

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