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Being Mindful Of Your Success

In the zone!

Welcome to Clutch Play! where your mental game is as strong as your physical game. At Clutch Play! you will learn how to build mental toughness through mindfulness so that you can rise above the rest and be the best. Clutch Play! is about performance enhancement through mindfulness and mental preparedness to help you have a strong performance to grow mentally and physically in your endeavor.

Reach the Top

I am Casey Horton, owner of Clutch Play Mental Training LLC. I founded Clutch Play! in 2020 to help performers maintain focus during pressure situations. I possess a Master’s Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology. A middle distance runner, (5KM), by trade and was a soccer official for 12 years in both club and high school. I have been providing sport psychology and performance psychology training since 2013. I have worked with athletes from youth competitive to Olympic hopefuls. The one thing they all have in common is performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is not uncommon. Everyone gets nervous, it is about understanding your nervousness and controlling the nervousness. 


When I say ‘performers’, this includes actors/actresses, athletes, doctors, nurses, salespersons, etc. Anyone that has to perform and provide a rock solid performance to ensure the best outcome is possible. 


I help you by teaching you mental skills to help your physical and physiological systems and mental focus stay steady allowing you concentrate on your task. The weekly sessions include us meeting in private, 1on1, for 30 minutes via Zoom or in-person. I will gladly work with you regardless of your homestead. In these sessions we discuss what is happening now and what is coming to you. What are your goals? How are you going to achieve them? 


Clutch Play Mental Training LLC does not discriminate against your race, religion, or sex. Clutch Play! welcomes all with the desire to see you be your best.

Please use the chat feature below to contact me directly. No bots. Just me practicing good customer service! Thank you

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